Vine Wrapped Text

In this tutorial, we'll create a text where it looks like there are interweaving vines going throughout the text.

Step by Step:

1. Open a new document in Photoshop. Be sure that it is big enough for your text.
2. Select the Type Tool, choose a foreground color for your text, then type a letter.

3. Create a new layer. Call it "Vines".
4. Select the Pen Tool. Draw a closed path for the vines.

5. Select the Brush Tool.
6. Be sure to choose a size brush that is appropriate for the vine width.

7. Select a dark green color for your foreground color.
8. Select the Path Selection Tool.
9. Right click the path. Choose "Stroke Path" from the pop-up that appears.
10. When the Stroke Path pop-up appears, choose Brush from the dropdown menu. Make sure "Simulate Pressure" is unchecked. Then click OK.

11. Open the layer properties for the "Vines" layer.
12. Change the "Bevel and Emboss" properties to the following:

13. Change the "Contour" properties to the following:

14. You should get something similar to the following vine effect.

15. Select the Eraser tool. Zoom in and erase the sections of the vine that you want to be behind the letter.

16. When you are done, you will have the following effect:

17. Select the Custom Shape Tool. Choose "Leaf 3" from the shapes dropdown.

18. Create a new layer. Name it "Leaf".
20. Make sure you choose the color that you want your leaf as the foreground color.
21. Click and drag to create your leaf shape.

22. Click CTRL + T to enter Transform Mode. Use the shape handles to resize, move and rotate your leaf how you want it.

23. Move the leaf to where you want it on the vine.

24. Repeat steps 17 through 23 for the other leaves and place them where you want on the vines.
25. You should now have your Vine Wrapped Text effect.

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