Stencil Wood Text


In this tutorial, we'll learn to create a stylish wooden stencil text effect. This is a great effect to use for rural style websites and graphic design projects. There is use of the Blending Options in this tutorial which will show how to achieve some transparent effects to get the wood created background to show up in the text.


1. Open a new document in Photoshop that is 500x500 pixels width/height.
2. Create a new layer. Call it "Gradient".
3. Select the Gradient Tool. Choose a dark to light brown gradient.
4. Apply a gradient going from the bottom of the canvas to the top.

5. Goto Filter > Distort > Wave. Enter the following properties:

6. Click OK to accept.
7. Goto Filter > Distort > Diffuse Glow. Enter the following properties:

8. Crop the resulting image to the size that your text will be.

9. Select the Type tool, choose a font, and type out your text.

10. Open the Layer Styles for the Text layer.
11. Apply to "Blending Options" the following properties:

12. Apply to "Drop Shadow" the following properties:

13. Apply to "Inner Shadow" the following properties:

14. Apply to "Bevel and Emboss" the following properties:

15. Apply to "Contour" the following properties:

16. You should now have the following image.

17. Select the Magic Wand tool and select outside of the text.

18. Select the "Gradient" layer so that it is active. Then click the Delete key.
19. Click CTRL + D to deselect.
20. You should now have your Stencil Wood text effect.

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