Sponge Texture


In this tutorial, we'll learn to create a sponge texture that you can use on any shape you want. The nice thing about this tutorial is that it uses strictly layer styles to create the texture, so once you have everything set up, you can actually paint the sponge texture in whatever creative patterns or designs that you want.


1. Open a new document in Photoshop. Choose any size for the canvas that you want.
2. Create a new layer and name the layer "Sponge Texture".
3. Select one of the shape tools and create any shapes you want. Color is not important.

4. Open the Layer Styles for the "Sponge Texture" layer.
5. Change the "Drop Shadow" properties to the following:

6. Change the "Bevel and Emboss" properties to the following:

7. Goto the "Texture" sub-properties under the "Bevel and Emboss" section.
8. Click on the Pattern box to open the pattern pop-up.
9. Next click the arrow in the top left corner of the pop-up.
10. Choose "Grayscale Paper" from the dropdown list.

11. When the Grayscale Paper thumbnails are loaded. Select the Dark Gray Flecks pattern.

12. Change the "Texture" properties to the following:

13. Change the "Color Overlay" properties to the following. Choose whichever color you want your sponge texture to be:

14. Click OK to accept the Layer Style changes and you should now have your sponge texture.

15. What's great about this is that anything you paint on that layer will have the sponge texture applied to it. This can be lots of fun for painting this texture as well.

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