Ocean Wave Text

In this tutorial, we'll create a text effect with an ocean water theme to it. This is great for any graphic projects you might be working on that relate to water sports, such as water polo or surfing. It's also a good text effect to use for cruises or boat related topics.

Step by Step:

1. Open a new document in Photoshop. Make sure to choose a size that is adequate to fit the size of your text that you will be typing.
2. Select the Type Tool, choose a stylish font, and type out your text.

3. Open the Layer Styles for the text layer from the layers palette.
4. Change the "Drop Shadow" properties to the following:

5. Change the "Bevel and Emboss" properties to the following:

6. Change the "Satin" properties to the following:
(Make sure to choose an aqua blue color for the satin color).

7. Change the "Gradient Overlay" properties to the following:
(Choose a dark blue to a light blue color for the gradient).

8. Change the "Stroke" properties to the following:

9. You should now have an effect that looks like ocean blue with light blue wave swirls inside.

10. Select the Custom Shape tool.
11. Choose "Waves" from the shape tool dropdown in the top menu options bar.

12. Create a new layer and call it "Waves". Make sure this layer is below the Text layer in the layers palette.
13. Click and drag to draw your waves on the "Waves" layer. Doesn't matter what color you use.

14. Right click the Text layer from the layers palette and select "Copy Layer Style".

15. Right click the "Waves" layer from the layers palette and select "Paste Layer Style".

16. You should now have your cool Ocean Wave Style effect.

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