Adding a Nose Ring


In this tutorial, we will learn to create a nose ring and add it to a person's nose inside of a photograph. This tutorial is useful for learning how to create 3D objects from scratch and intergrating them with real life photos.


1. Open in Photoshop the photograph of the person's photo that is clearly displaying the nose.
2. Name the layer with the photograph "Nose".

3. Create a new layer above the "Nose" layer and name this layer "Ring".
4. Select the Eliptical Marquee tool and drag a circular selection below the nose area on the "Ring" layer.

5. Hold down the ALT key and draw a smaller circular selection inside the previous circular selection. This will give you the selection area for a nose ring.

6. Select the Paint tool and fill the selection with any color. It doesn't matter what color you choose at this point.

7. Open the layer styles for the "Ring" layer.
8. Change the "Drop Shadow" properties to the following:

9. Change the "Inner Shadow" properties to the following:

10. Change the "Bevel and Emboss" properties to the following:

11. Change the "Color Overlay" properties to the following:

12. Click OK to accept layer style changes.
13. Create a new layer just below the "Ring" layer.
14. Select the "Ring" layer so it is the active layer.

15. Click CTRL + E to merge the "Ring" layer with the new layer below it. Now all the layer styles have been permanently applied.
16. Select the Eraser Tool. Zoom in on the nose ring and erase the section of the ring that is overlapping the nose.

17. When you have completed erasing the entire section, you should now have your added nose ring. You can do variations of the color, by applying a different color in step 11 for the "Color Overlay" properties.
18. Have fun with this technique of adding a nose ring!

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