Gradient Outlines


In this photoshop tutorial, we'll learn to create a stylish gradient outline surrounding your text. This is a nice touch to use for any website or graphic design project.



1. Open a new document in Photoshop that is the size that you want to use for your text.
2. Select the Type Tool and type out the text that you want.

3. Open the Layer Styles for the text layer that you just created.
4. Goto the "Stroke" section of the layer styles.
5. Change the Size to 5 pt for a good thick size outline.
6. Click the "Fill Type" dropdown box and select "Gradient".

7. When the Gradient options appear, you will click on the Gradient image to open the Gradient Editor.

8. In the Gradient Editor, create the gradient that you want to use. In this tutorial, I went with a simple light green color to white to light green. In order to go with the dark green text I used.

9. Click OK and your "Stroke" properties should look like the following:

10. Keep the Layer Styles open and goto the "Drop Shadow" section. Add a simple shadow to give the text something extra.

11. Click OK and you should have your outline gradient text effect.

12. You can add more text later to give the same effect. You will have to do the text separately. If you apply this technique to text that is on the same layer, then the effect will span across all the text that is on separate lines and it won't work. So create a new layer for new text that you want to apply this effect. Good luck!

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