Gold Plated Text

In this tutorial, you will learn to create a stylish gold plated text effect :) Final output of this tutorial can be seen below :-

1. Open a new document in Photoshop.
2. Fill the background with black and type the text as shown :-

3. Open the Layer Properties for the Type and apply the following.
4. Gradient overlay (colors = #C68200 #FFF9B8 #FFE453) and stroke (color = #8A4600) as shown :-

5. Stroke properties:

6. Our text will look like this :-

7. Now, control+click on the layer's name in layer pallate to select that.

8. Go to select > modify > Expand... and set the value to 6.
9. Create a new layer by pressing shift+control+n together. Fill the layer with any color.

10. Apply gradient overlay as shown :-
11. Color values from left to right :- #EBDCA7, #B4702A, #FAF5BD, #FAB700, #884400, #F1ECB7, #F3BA3B.

12. Our text is ready.

13. If you want, you can add reflection to it.

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