Adding Water Drops


In this tutorial, we'll learn to add realistic water drops to a photograph. The great thing about this tutorial is that everything is done in the Layer Styles, which means that you can create any shape you want as a water drop. In this tutorial, we'll keep it simple and just stick with circles.


1. Open the photograph in Photoshop that you want to add the water drops onto.

2. Create a new layer and name it "Water Drops".
3. Select the Eliptical Marquee tool and draw a circle selection.

4. Select the Paint Bucket Tool.
5. Choose any color as your foreground color.
6. Click to fill in the selection.

7. Repeat this process to make more circles. Make sure you keep all the circles on the "Water Drop" layer.

8. Open the Layer Styles for the "Water Drop" layer.
9. Apply the following changes to the "Blending Options" properties.

10. Apply the following changes to the "Drop Shadow" properties.

11. Apply the following changes to the "Inner Glow" properties.

12. Apply the following changes to the "Bevel and Emboss" properties.

13. Apply the following changes to the "Contour" properties.

14. Click OK to accept the Layer Style changes and you should now have your realistic water drops!

15. What's even more fun is that you can erase the drops and select the Brush tool and paint your water drop effect also.

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