Creating a Photo Caption Box

In this tutorial, we'll learn the easy steps required to create a caption box for your photographs. Caption boxes are a great way to add additional commentary and can give a great professional look to a photograph.

Step by Step:

1. Open the photograph that you want to add the caption box into Photoshop.

2. Create a new layer and call it "Caption Box".
3. Select any Shape tool that you want to use for the caption box. In this tutorial, we'll use the basic Rectangle Shape tool and create a white rectangle.

4. Now open the Layer Styles for the "Caption Box" layer.
5. Change the "Blending Options" properties by lowering the "Fill Opacity" to around 40%.

6. Change the "Drop Shadow" properties to the following:

7. Give the box an outline, by changing the "Stroke" properties to the following:

8. Click OK and you should have your caption box.

9. Now I'll just select the Type tool and type some white text.

10. I then open the Layers Styles for that text layer and give it a hard drop shadow:

11. Click OK And now I have my completed caption box with text!

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