Altering Lips


In this photoshop tutorial, we will learn how to use the liquify tool to easily change the expression of the lips in a photograph. This is very useful for those photos that are perfect, except there is one person who is not smiling. This way, you can easily change their non-smile into a smile. You can also make someone who is smiling look like they are frowning. The possibilities are endless with the liquify tool.


1. Open Photoshop and open the photograph of the person whose lips you want to alter.

2. Goto Filter > Liquify.
3. Select a large size brush, but not too large. Just the right size to change the shape of the lips and some of the surrounding area of the face.

4. Click on the corners of the lips and carefully push. If you move the lips too much, you will get obvious effects that look like the image has been photoshop. The key to this technique is to make subtle changes.

5. When you are done shaping the lips into the expression you want, simply click OK and you should now have your altered lips.
6. As you can see from the photo change, we made this woman look like she is smiling, when before she had a bland face expression.

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