3D Cartoon Text

In this tutorial, you will learn to design a 3D line art text effect. Final output of this tutorial can be seen below :-

Step by Step:

1. Open a new document in Photoshop.
2. Type 'WOOD'. I have used Albertus ExtaBold font with 70 size.

3. Now, we fill fill this text with texture. I have designed this texture which will be used to fill the text :-

4. Now, click on layer styles and apply these settings :-

5. Now, the text will look like this :-

6. To give more a more 3D look, draw the shadow as shown with pen tool. I have used #522224 color to fill the shadow.

7. Group and merge all the shapes (leaving the original text shape) and apply these settings :-

8. Our wooden text is complete!

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